Quick Tip: How to Defy Gravity

Hello readers! Greetings from SmallObjectPhotography.com's new headquarters! I've been busy moving my studio to a new location in Greenwood (Seattle, WA) and am excited to start some new classes that will take advantage of one of my favorite features of the new space:

Did anyone say, "natural light"? Yippee! :)

In the meantime, how about a quick tip
Ever wonder how some small object photographers seem to defy gravity?

Well, wonder no more! Head over to your local hardware or housewares retailer and pick up a package of this fantastic product:
Quake Hold Museum Putty
Quake Hold™ is an opaque white putty sticky enough to hold up most objects long enough to take a gravity defying photo and make your customers wonder if you're magic! The best part: when removed, it leaves absolutely no residue behind.

Recommended: Use as small piece as possible and angle your shot to make hiding the putty from the camera easier.

Even though it might seem like a better idea to go with the same company's other product, Clear Museum Gel™ I don't recommend it for photography. It doesn't have the same sticking power like the putty does for the application we're using it for. (It does a great job of holding glassware to your shelves though!)

I'll be back soon with more tricks and tips from the Small Object Photography studio! Thanks for your support!

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Wendy said...

Thanks great info. I hope I can find some in my local hardware store.

A Cup of Sparkle said...

I was wondering how you did that :) Thanks for sharing the tip and enjoy your new workspace. Looks pretty.


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