Before and After: Getting to Know Brightness and Contrast

I received a Before and After photo submission a while back by a great Seattle jewelry designer, A Cup of Sparkle. The improvements are noticeable between the two photos she sent, but then I suggested going a step further!

acupofsparkle via Etsy

  • Background texture competes with the delicate wire wrapping
  • Photo is just a little bit too far away - details are lost
  • Not sure if that's a flash or sunshine hot spot in the upper left?

  • Creative composition is simple with just enough interest
  • Pleasing angle shows off the full length of the pendant
  • Wire wraps and pearls are featured in the close-up composition

Taking it a few steps further -- improving an already good photo

First, we crop the photo just a bit more to really focus on the pendant:

This is what we have after cropping:

So close you can almost reach out and touch it!

Then, to take it just that little bit further, I adjusted the brightness and contrast
to reduce the gray overcast and make the garnet *sparkle* :)

Ooooh! Shiny!

Looking for great FREE photo editing software? Check out this comparison article:

My personal favorite is - it works a lot like older versions of Photoshop Elements
I used it quite a bit before I finally grabbed my wallet and bought Photoshop Elements 9 :)

What is your favorite photo editor? Why do you like it? 
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3 Response to "Before and After: Getting to Know Brightness and Contrast"

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

those look great!

i have photoshop cs right now. but in a pinch, i use :)

A Cup of Sparkle said...

Marlo, thanks for sharing the wire-wrapped pearl, crystal necklace from my ETSY shop. I think the difference between the photos are amazing. I love the last photo and posted on my shop. Thanks again!

kimmy said...

oh this is a great blog. i just discovered it through my my TRASHION team captain Pam. i love to use its the best site to clean up white backgrounds. took my photos from blah to fantastic!! xo kimmy and you can pick out the items i fused and the ones i didnt in a flash. but i am going to keep reading your blog for more tips!!

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