Beautiful Product Photography: Jessica Alpern

Jessica Alpern's Etsy shop is a wonderful example of how great product photography helps to tell a story with pictures - both in the artwork itself and in the design of each photo:

I am particularly drawn to the photo for "Evening Twilight". The little sliver of thumb present in the photo helps to convey scale in the most subtle of ways and the dreamy reflection on the background creates incredible dimension on an otherwise two-dimensional and extremely intricate piece of art.

Wonderful photos and really beautiful work, Jessica! Thanks for being awesome! :)

Small Object Photography take away: 
  • Consider how your entire shop page looks from a distance and mix both detail and scale shots to help your customer understand the size of your work without having to click on each listing
  • Use a slightly reflective background material to create a perception of depth for flat objects
  • Don't be afraid to allow your horizon line to cut through the middle of your work - especially if there are transparent or cut-out areas that need to be emphasized

2 Response to "Beautiful Product Photography: Jessica Alpern"

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I was just surprised and delighted to come across this and I wanted to say thank you :) There was a lot of trial and error involved in deciding how to shoot my work and it's absolutely lovely to hear I'm doing a good job. Thanks so much Marlo!

IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

Absolutely Jessica! Your work and photography is lovely. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world :D
- Marlo M.

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