Before and After: Seattle Chic

As small object phographers, our goal should always be to figure out how to take a great photo within our camera so that post-shoot editing is reduced to a minimum. The overuse of brightening and contrast can wash out your photo and take away all the important details.

Dramatic improvment from SeattleChic!

  • Photo composition is static
  • Overuse of Photoshop ends up with a flat, gray and lifeless photo
  • Props are little distracting

  • Composition shows that the object is 3-dimensional
  • Brightness and contrast are better and colors are more vibrant
  • Just a hint of the prop used to add interest to the photo

Great Job SeattleChic! Thank you for sharing your before and after photos with us and keep up the great work!


Do YOU have some before and after photos to share with us? 
Please send up to 4 photos (they do *not* have to depict the same image - they just need show how you've improved your photos overall) to marlo [at] for a chance to be featured right here on Before and After day!

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Anonymous said...


I tried out your EV setting tip the other day down at the lake near me and was delighted to find my camera had it and it worked! I've complained about my point and shoot for years wishing for a DSLR, but I'm delighted to find that I just need to work out what my camera can actually do! Thanks for the tip!!!

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