Backlit Photography with Your Point and Shoot Camera

A bit outside of the "small object" realm, but definitely still "photography" so I'm going to share my tips on creating beautiful sun streaked photos like this one using your basic point and shoot camera:

the beautiful Caitlin Moore of Olympia Seed Exchange and Urban Food Warrior

I created this photo in-camera and posted it here with no other adjustment than reducing the file size. This being my first attempt at backlit photography, I was pleasantly pleased with the way the series of photos turned out!

Here are a few things I learned during this experiment:
  • Spot metering is your friend - it allows you to meter off of your subject's face and therefore create a well balanced photo
  • Setting the camera to shoot in a sepia tone creates instant vintage looking photos
  • The best sun flares look like big vertical streaks of over exposed light in the camera's view screen
  • Trees and other shrubbery help to break up the light and create a beautiful sun-glow effect around your subject
  • It's important to take a lot of not-so-great photos to make sure you capture a handful of great shots
I'm looking forward to experimenting with this technique with my DSLR and see how that differs from the fully automatic point and shoot. I'll post my results here when they're available.

Have you ever tried to shoot back lit photos? 
What tips for success do you have to share?

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