Before and After: Neatobeado / Natasha Puffer

Taking photos of extraordinarily small objects can be a challenge. The solution is to use a camera with a short macro focal length (the measurement of the distance between the object and the camera lens) and get up close and really personal to bring out the details and add depth to the photo.

Natasha of Natasha Puffer Designs on Etsy and Neatobeado is an extraordinary lampwork glass artist, creating miniature sculptures and beads from rods of molten glass. Her new photos really show off the whimsical nature of her work:

  • Bright lighting (possibly flash?) washes out the image, taking away all shadows that tell us the the item is 3-dimensional 
  • Photoshopping out the background creates a flat almost two-dimensional image. 
  • Placement of the necklace in the very center of the photo is too static.

  • The main object is placed at a slight angle just off-center to create visual tension. 
  • Her use of miniature props and placement of a different color combination in the background makes this an image that tells an interesting story.
  • Effective use of macro / close-up photography to create a short depth of field makes the viewer want to reach out and pick up the item.

Bonus tip:
Take a photo of your tiny object next to a universally recognized object to show the scale of the piece. In this instance, she used her hand to convey the size of the pendant:

Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us Natasha! Keep up the great work!


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Roberta Warshaw said...

What a difference!

Thank you for all your wonderful tips!

Orese Jewelry said...

I feel like I can grab the pendant in the "after" photo! Nice work

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