Before and After: Foamy Wader

This week's inspirational Before and After goes to FoamyWader - a Seattle based artist who specializes in an eclectic mix of gemstone jewelry and knit beards. Yes. I said Knit Beards! Trust me. You have to check them out :)

Foamy Wader's photography is truly great. I had to reach far back into her sold archives to find a "before" shot, but as you can see - the changes made a huge difference!

  • Inadequate lighting darkens the whole photo and casts a gray shadow on the whole piece
  • Busy background detracts from the beauty of the pendant
  • Unnecessary composition of the entire neck strap
  • The use of bright natural light really brings out the colors in the pendant
  • Simple background adds just enough interest without distraction
  • The close-up composition focuses on the beautiful cloisonne pendant with just enough of the chain to let the viewer know what they are purchasing
Getting this close with your photos is uncomfortable at first, but when you compare your before and after photos, you'll see a difference!

Great job Foamy Wader - your shop looks wonderful! 
Thank you for sharing your before and after photos with us!

3 Response to "Before and After: Foamy Wader"

Jeanie Irving said...

Love the after photo! Very stunning. The first pic is a mess in comparison. Well done!

maureenog said...

I so totally agree with you. The closer on the product (and lit well, of course), the better.

It's the "Red Lobster" school of photography. Those commercials? With the slow mo, really close up shots, make people who don't even like seafood want to give it a try.

Thanks for all your great advice!

IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

maureenog: That is probably the best, most hilarious description of macro photography I've heard so far! Gold star for you! Two, even!! :D Awesome.

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