Before and After: Anandi of Anandi's Laboratory

Shiny objects are among the most difficult subjects to photograph. Let's see how Anandi of Anandi's Laboratory has improved her photos by managing her light source and changing the composition of the photo:

  • Unnatural glare is caused by pointing the light source directly at the item
  • It also looks like the item was photoshopped and placed on a pure white background
  • Centered and straight composition takes away from the handmade nature of the piece

  • Diffused lighting reflected back onto the piece softens the light source and evens out the shadows
  • Effective use of a solid color for the background warms up the image
  • Slightly angled composition more closely mimics how a customer would see the tag when looking at it in their hands while maintaining the diamond shape image of the tag 
Managing light in small object product photography is challenging and sometimes counter-intuitive. I encourage you to experiment! See what it's like to point your light *away* from your object but reflect it back using a white piece of paper. Keep an eye out for the difference in the quality of the light and shadows in your photos with every lighting change you try.

We'll talk more about managing light sources in the coming weeks -- there is a lot to discuss and share!

Thank you for sharing your before and after photos with us Anandi
Your photos look great! Keep up the good work!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Marlo! Your posts have been really helpful!

Jennifer said...

The After shot shows huge improvement!

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