Quick Tip: Using Your Macro Setting

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The only way to achieve sharp, clear photos of your small objects with your point-and-shoot camera is to use the macro setting on your camera. Look for a flower shaped icon on your control buttons or dials like this:

By using this simple one-touch setting you will go from this:

close-up shot without macro

To this:

same set-up with macro setting enabled

To ensure the sharpest focus:
  1. Point the center of your camera screen on the focal point of your photo
  2. Depress the shutter button halfway to engage the auto-focus 
  3. A box should appear and turn green when fully focused (if it's red, then move back slightly and re-focus until the box turns green)
  4. Hold down the shutter button and re-frame the photo's composition by swiveling the camera into position on the same focal plane (Do NOT move the camera closer or farther away from the subject!)
  5. When you are satisfied with the composition, press the shutter button all the way down
 If your photo is still blurry, practice your focusing and re-framing technique
If your photo is still blurry, try using a tripod to hold your camera
Unfortunately, some point-and-shoot cameras don't have a macro function built into the camera. If yours doesn't have a macro function then you will probably want to consider buying a camera that does.

Later this week: How to compare point-and-shoot macro functions at the store

In the meantime, tell us: What brand and model number camera do you use? Does it have a macro function?

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1 Response to "Quick Tip: Using Your Macro Setting"

kimB said...

Thank you for your informative blog! I have a Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd. It's a 6.3 mp, with manual zoom (28-300mm). It does have a macro function and a super-macro function, as well as auto-focus and manual focus.

I hope to graduate to a newer dSLR one day, but have had my Fuji since August 2007 and am still as happy with it today and I was the day I bought it.

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