Before and After - Common Object Jewelry

Common Object Jewelry by Julie Charles - Before and After

Cheerio Pendant Necklaces by Common Object Jewelry
  1. Before: composition is nice, but the use of flash and a plain background didn't show off the item well enough to show the size or scale of the necklace.
  2. After: A nice grouping of items illustrates that these are, indeed - pieces of cereal cast from real-life! The use of clever props and the slightly textured yet simple background are what draws your attention right away.

 Goldfish Pendant Necklaces by Common Object Jewelry
  1. Before: Not enough light and shadowy reflections cast on the pendant results in a lifeless photo that doesn't adequately show that the piece is made with sterling silver.
  2. After: Well balanced lighting, good variations in the highlights and low lights in the reflection along with the actual crackers in the photo as a background makes this photo a clear winner!
Great job Julie! Thank you so much for sharing your before and after photos with us!

Please check out the Common Object Jewelry website and Etsy shop to see more of her clever designs in sterling silver and bronze!

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4 Response to "Before and After - Common Object Jewelry"

Orese Jewelry said...

Really cute photo composition! Especially when working with silver, it can look harsh on a white background. Nice work, Julie :)

Crystalyn Kae said...

so clever! I love it!

IDesign Studios said...

Great ideas on how to spice up your photos! I hung my coffee themed pendant on a coffee mug with similar colors, it was really cute!

HappyLittleMonkey said...

Thank you so much for these tips! And, great pictures!

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